How Does It Feel?

by House of Brunettes

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It's the end of the world and we know it.



G - A
my heart aint headed in no thrilling new directions
these hands are weak, the dread is strong
the moon outside my window looks so peaceful
so dead and bright, so here and gone

D arpeggia G A D E 1x

G - A
everybody’s gorging on their own opinion
were pinioned now, beneath the weight of ‘em all
D - G D - G A - G A - G
but the big glass eye got the morning after pictures
G - A G - A
we won’t be the last, to leave the ball

D arpeggia G A D E 2x
how does it feel? to kill your mother?
how does it feel? to murder your son?
G - F
if you really want to know,
C A#
j ust keep on keepin on
G# G
keep on truck-in along (come to a stop) ....2-3-4

G-A 8 bar solo
G - A
don’t seem like there’s a gun out there that’s big enough
that holds enough keep everybody calm
D – G D – G A – G A - G
always bad guys out there, til we heat em up
G- A G - A
this thirst for blood thirst alone

quiet ...G mod to A mod 2x; then hold A mod for eight bars ...LOUD

repeat chorus ....out on G-A riff


released January 26, 2016
Steve Lindstrom: Guitar and Vocal; closing guitar solo
Mike Ritt: Drums, Background Vocals, 12 String Guitar
Tom Lunt: Lead Guitar
Kevin Brady: Bass, Background Vocals



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House of Brunettes Chicago, Illinois

House of Brunettes:

Kevin Brady
Rob Novak
Steve Lindstrom
Mike Ritt

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